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Privacy (cookies) policy of

  1. Service collects automatically only information contained in cookies.
  2. Cookies are text files which are stored on the website user's terminal device. They are designed to use the pages of the website. First of all, they contain the name of the website The cookies contain the name of the website, its origin, a unique number, time of storage on the end device.
  3. The operator of the service is the entity placing on the end device of its
  4. Site operator is the entity that places cookies on your end device and has access to them.
  5. The website operator uses cookies to:
    • adapt the content of the website to the user's individual preferences, primarily These files primarily recognize your device to display the site according to your preferences;
    • production of statistics to help learn about the preferences and behavior of users, analysis of these analysis of these statistics is anonymous and makes it possible to adjust the content and appearance of the website to the current trends The statistics are also used to assess the popularity of the website;
  6. The site uses two main types of files (cookies) - session and permanent. Session files are temporary, They are stored until you leave the site (by entering another site, logging out or closing the browser). Permanent files are stored in the end user's device until permanent files are stored on the user's terminal device until they are deleted by the user or for the time resulting from their settings.
  7. The user can at any time change the settings of his/her browser to block the use of (cookies) or to be informed each time they are placed on your device. Other available options can be checked in the settings of your web browser. Please note that Most browsers are set by default to accept cookies on your device. end device.
  8. The Service Operator informs that changes in the settings in The Service Operator informs that changes in the settings in the user's web browser may restrict access to some functions of the website. The user's web browser may restrict access to some functions of the website.
  9. Cookies used by the service (placed on the user's terminal device) may be made available to its partners and advertisers cooperating with it.
  10. Information about web browser settings is available in its menu (help) or on the website of its producer.
  11. More detailed information about cookies is available at
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