Scale on plans and maps

Scale on plans and maps

A Map is a reduced image of the Earth's surface or a portion of it depicted on a plane.
A Plan is a small area of the Earth depicted on a plane at a large scale.
A plan, compared to a map, represents such a small portion of the surface that it is considered a flat surface and there is no need to take into account in its preparation the deformation of the image due to the sphericity of the Earth.

Among the information found on maps and plans (in addition to the legend or cartographic grid) is scale, which is information about the degree of diminution of the image of the Earth's surface shown on the map, and a linear scale.

Thanks to the scale, we can easily calculate what are the real distances between one point and another and what are the real dimensions (lengths) of the elements shown on the map, plan or project.

How do you calculate the actual distance?

To find out the actual distance, you can of course use our scale calculator. You can also count everything manually. Take a look at the example to see how it is done:

Simple, right?