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How can you convert the scale of one object to another? The answer isn’t always as simple as you’d think, but that’s where our scale conversion calculator comes in. It converts scale factors instantly, so if you have ever wanted to know the size of an object in a different scale, our scale conversion calculator can help you. Simply set scale factor, enter the length of the object and our calculator will calculate its size in any other scale. The calculator supports multiple units of measurement including millimeters, centimeters, meters, kilometers and inches.

Enter the length of the object you want to find out about, select what kind of unit or measurement it is in (the default metric system will be selected automatically), and then set scale factor.

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About Calculate Scale calculator

Scale is the ratio of distance between any two points on an object and the corresponding distance between those same two points on a model. For example, if the scale of a map is 1:50,000, that means that one unit on the map represents 50,000 units in real life.

Our scale calculator allows you, based on the given scale factor, to know the object's true size (if you specify its scale size) or scale size (if you specify its actual size). You can use the scale factor to convert lengths and widths from real life to map units, or vice versa.

The tool on this site (scale calculator) is an extremely useful tool that can help anyone determine the size of an object in any scale, and unit of length, from miles to millimeters.

The size of an object on a map or plan is often measured in scale. This number tells you how large or small an object is relative to its real-life size. If you have access to our scale converter, however, you don’t need to worry about these measurements. Simply enter the length of your object in centimeters (or any other measurement) and our calculator will give you an equivalent size in any other map or plan's scale. It doesn't matter if you're using centimeters, miles, feet, kilometers, inches - the calculator can work with all units of length!

How to calculate scale factor?

A scale factor is used to indicate the proportion between the size of an object on a map and the size of that same object in real life. To calculate the distance between two points on a map, you need to know the map's scale factor.
There are two ways to calculate a scale factor:

Once you know the scale factor, you can use it to measure distances on the map. Just remember that you need to account for the fact that the scale factor might be different depending on the direction you're measuring in.

For example, if a map has a scale of 1:100, this means that for every 1 unit of measurement on the map, there would be 100 units of that same measurement in real life.

Our calculator allows you to easily calculate the scale factor. Enter the actual length and the length on the map or project.


Use the scale converter above to find out the actual dimensions (or vice versa) based on the scale you enter. Or type in the actual dimensions and on a map, plan or blueprint to get an idea of what scale it is.

If you need help using this scale converter, take a look at the instruction page.

You can find interesting examples of using the scale calculator on the examples page.

The scale calculator can easily handle any scale such as 1:20, 1:100, 1:20000, etc...

With this tool, calculating scale and calculating scale factor is really easy and fast. Scale Calculator was created to work properly not only on computer, but also on phone or tablets.

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