How to use Calculate Scale? Manual


How to use the scale calculator?

The Scale Calculator can be used for two purposes: calculating scale or converting dimensions by scale

Calculating the scale

To know what scale we are dealing with, first click the open padlock symbol in the first window where the scale is located to make it change to closed . Then the fields where the scale is stored will become inactive.

The checkbox apply approximation will allow us to calculate the scale with some approximation, but it will give it as 1:n or n:1. This is checked by default.

Now in the box where real length and length on map / project are, enter the appropriate values and select the appropriate unit (see below for possible units for which calculations are performed).

The scale will be calculated automatically and will appear in the first window.

Conversion of dimensions by scale

If we know the scale we can calculate the lengths we are interested in: the real length (distance) based on the length from the map or vice versa length (distance) on the map based on the actual length.

To do this, enter the scale for which the calculations are being made and then enter the known length (actual or on the map/project). The unknown value will automatically appear in the second field.

For the length (distance), you can choose the unit for which you are giving the data or in which you want to know the result. For example, if you want to give the actual data in meters, choose the symbol m for the field with the actual length and if you want to have the result in centimeters, select cm for the second field (Length on map/project).

There are padlock symbols next to the boxes where you select the unit (open and closed ). If it is closed then changing the unit at that length will make it not convert. Play around with it for a while and you will quickly see what exactly it is and how it works.


Our tool allows you to convert between different units. Full list of available units:

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